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Simple black wood shelving providing a close up view of your favorite reading, printed and mounted in a modern acrylic frame.

You will enjoy creating customizable bookshelf decor wallart with this simple Black wood bookshelf design.

So, your taste in reading and art will pop off this simple wood shelf design for your selections, which is then printed and framed on acrylic glass.

You can merge personalized decorating with books as wall art!

Options include:

  • Ready to Go Bookshelf wall art
  • Edit a Ready to Go with a few of your favourites
  • Customizable with all your own books
  • Print only or framed (see size chart)
  • Product details
  • Holds 12 books
  • Giclée digital ink jet fine art printing to acrylic glass

  • Print only:
    • 12" x  8" 
    • 24" x 16"

  • Framed:
    • Vertical, 12" x 18" or 24" x 16" when mounted & framed.
    • Printed to acrylic glass that has a fab gloss finish, and ultra-crisp print quality. These premium prints are bound to WOW all those who view them. State-of-the-art SwissQ print technology, printed direct to the rear surface of the acrylic. Premium ¼-inch thick, optically clear acrylic glass, laminated with an opaque white backing sheet.

In order to have your favourite reading printed and framed to show off your literary style with books you have loved, or, want people to think you do with customizable bookshelf decor wallart, shop now!

Do you want unique bookish gifts for the people in your life this holiday?  Then check us out!

Jennifer started this business because she didn't have enough storage for her bookcases and wanted custom bookshelf decor wallart.

Size Chart Small Medium Large
Print Only 8" x 12" 12" x 18" 24" x 36"
Framed 14" x 18" 18" x 24" 32" x 44"
Facemount (invisible glass or metal frame) 12" x 18" 16 x 24" 24" x 36"
Prices from: $35 $55 $85

Lagom Collections

"Ready for our Closeup" Shelf Portrait bookshelf wall art decor

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