Lagom Collections was created to solve my own book storage problem, and your decor too with bookshelf wealth art at affordable prices

What is Bookshelf Wealth?

Thank you Architecture Digest for the breakdown. Now you can learn all about Bookshelf Wealth style!

You too can get on the trend with our affordable, fine art solution. We got onto this trend during Covid.  We saw Adele, and everyone else decide their Zoom backgrounds needed a bit more life.

So Lagom Collections was created not only to solve my own personal book storage problem, but your decor too!

"TikTok devotees might already recognize "bookshelf wealth".  It has has racked up 1.7 million views and features the kind of elegantly haphazard shelving that looks like it was plucked straight from the Grey Gardens estate. Maybe you hired certified cozy maximalist Nancy Meyers to style your living room. Think overstuffed couches, contrasting textiles, and a swoon-worthy collection of art. And, of course, books. (Lots and lots of books.) If you’re already a fan of the dark academia microtrend but never wanted to commit to painting your walls in moody shades of black or navy, bookshelf wealth is the perfect, and more colorful, alternative. if replicating bookshelf wealth was as simple as stacking a few dozen novels around a room then your local library would be a hotbed of design inspiration. Rather, hominess, coziness, and character are key."

You can see how we have enjoyed helping clients all over North America.  We put together bookshelf decor featuring rock and roll icons like the Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix, High Literarture including Proust, and childrens classics like Goodnight Moon.  We cannot wait to see your bookshelf wealth style.  When you're ready to gift yourself or others, we offer free shipping in North America and "ready made" pieces are delivered in about a week to most places.

You can read the whole story here.

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