Jennifer setting up her Superfine DC booth


I cannot wait to exhibit in Washington D.C. at the Superfine Art Fair on October 26, 2023.  I was so excited to get accepted and meet James, the curator who really understands my art and potential customers.

Yesterday was setup.  The event space and team are very well organized and a pleasure to work with.  And the other artists!  Wow I’m honoured to be considered in their presence.

Lagom Collections was born out of a problem I needed to solve for myself (never enough space or even the books themselves to display my passions), and an acquired disability which made my traditional full time work no longer possible.

My background in tech and marketing helped me see the possibilities to make affordable custom fine art to solve these problems and work for myself as a bootstrapped female AI Art founder and artist.

Now, we have a patent pending solution for AI Art, and are considered a pioneer in the next Swedish design trend, “Lagom” (after Hygge).

I have made clients who share my passion for reading and decor very happy which has given me a new type of joy, and, I get to spend most of my time creating which is a true pleasure.  

Create your own Shelf Portrait or choose a Ready Made one now to show off your literary style, or provide a unique gift!

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