Snap to it!

Snap to it!

Are you too a serial procrastinator?  I'd like to say I'm at my best when I'm under pressure, yet to be honest, I think it's 85% of my best, which is still good.  I have learned that a bit more time/prep/editing makes for better outcomes ... Anyhow! 

This week, we had a significant deadline - the invitations were sent for our grand opening/launch at Snapdragon Designs - and the pressure was on. 

Not surprisingly, the rest of the team also seemed to amp it up knowing there were no extensions possible, and customers were waiting (hopefully).

We pushed code, updated copy, delivered a new design, modified existing designs, added a new project management tool, bought treats from XOBisous fand drinks, learned how to hang our art in someone else's space... and had a great yet a bit stressful time!

Needless to say, we are all a little bit tired post Wednesday's awesome evening, but it was a success!  I'm so pleased with people's reactions - even my closest friends admitted that the pieces "look better than I expected" which is fair, and provides great insight into the need for more video advertising :)

Check out the pics below from our awesome night!

Thank you to everyone for your support, and to Snapdragon Designs for hosting us.



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