jennifer steckel elliott shows a Lagom Collections wall art Kids Shelf Portrait featuring Goodnight Moon, Hungry Caterpiller, Love you Forever, Where the Wild Things Are, and Charlie & Lola

Lagom Collections, a new decor company, is making a name for itself with its minimalist approach to wall art

We're Open!

Bookish Wall Art Decor is ready for you. “LAH-gum,”, Amy Poehler's favorite Swedish word, means “the edited and moderate amount is the right amount of stuff to have,”.  Our pieces highlight you!  Founder Jennifer Steckel Elliott is focused on helping people streamline their homes with beautifully designed bookcase art, “Shelf Portraits”, reflecting your interests and personalities.

Bookish Wall Art Background

Jennifer transitioned to audiobooks due to modern living plus a new disability. She started to miss her books piled onto her bookshelf, each with their own story to tell. Because of this experience plus never having enough library space anyhow, she got creative and decided to bring the covers of her favourite books to her walls!

Jennifer's passion for reading, moderate contemporary design, and love for AI are the driving force behind Lagom Collection’s success. Our bookish wall art products are designed to last, using high-quality materials, processes such as Giglée printing, and talented design and framing partners.  See some happy customer's finished pieces featuring their cherished reads and passions

Our product line includes designs to feature your book covers that you can create yourself, or select ready-made pieces in popular categories such as Baby & Toddler, Reese's Book Club and more

You can make your home feel more like a sanctuary by curating your book collections into minimal wall art displays.  Your art can help you rest, recharge, and connect with the things you love, including your favourite books. You will love our beautiful, practical and affordable pieces which make it easier to create a space that reflects your interests and lifestyle.


Lagom Collections is dedicated to ethical manufacturing practices. We partner with local and international suppliers who share our values, ensuring fair labour practices. A portion of the proceeds are donated to the Toronto Public Library Foundation annually.

Our focus on art and design simplicity has resonated with book-loving consumers looking to live a more intentional lifestyle.

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