Idioms that make you go "hmmmmm"

Idioms that make you go "hmmmmm"

From Harper's Magazine, May 2022 originally compiled by #AdamSharp

Translations shown here 

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  • Raining old ladies and sticks (Wales)
  • Raining chair legs (Greece)
  • Raining wheelbarrows (Czech Republic)

Pot Calling the kettle Black

  • Owl calling the sparrow big-headed (Hungary)
  • Hospital mocking charity (France)
  • Mucus laughing at nose dirt (Japan)

When Pigs Fly

  • A Dane on Skis (Norway)
  • A cockroach at a chicken dance (Venezuela)
  • An octopus in a garage (Spain)


  • Putting your clogs aside (Danish)
  • Throwing out your best skates (Russia)
  • Going to the land of no hats (Haiti)
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