Friendship.  Period.

Friendship. Period.

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin is an incredible examination of friendship and the human condition.  The storytelling device was unique to me, other than what I witnessed and supported from afar as a parent (virtual world gaming).  While I would normally expect to gain empathy to what we typically describe or expect as horrible situations (heart break, war, abuse...), Zevin leverages her device to create empathy for mental health, and just, embracing the different that we are to eachother.

There definitely needs to be a blog of all the acronyms and their meanings + application in the "real world" as I think they are so well used and not only added to the amazing story, but help us IRL also (which is obviously the point).


Jennifer KimJulian Cihi + director & producer team is phenomenal.  As usual, I'm motivated now to look for more works by this team.

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